Why SEO for small businesses is more important than ever?

Are you a business owner struggling to get traffic to your website? You feel like you do everything right, but nobody seems to find you online?

Well, I am glad to let you know that you are not alone.

A strong online presence is no longer a luxury in today’s digital landscape, but rather a necessity for organisations of all sizes. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the art and science of optimising your website to rank higher in Google search results, is at the heart of this digital presence.

However, you may want to ask what is Search Engine Optimization? SEO is increasing your website’s visibility to potential clients when they search for products or services similar to yours. You may efficiently direct your target audience to your website by integrating relevant keywords, generating appealing content, and ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Most designers do not consider SEO when creating a web design, and they do not consider user experience when incorporating the right keywords into the content.

At Globemrk, we understand the revolutionary impact of SEO. We are passionate about assisting businesses like yours in achieving their online objectives by developing customised SEO strategies that generate measurable results.

Here’s how we can assist:

  1. Free Website Audit: We will investigate your website’s current performance, identifying areas for improvement and chances to strengthen your SEO efforts.
  2. Keyword Research and Analysis: We will discover the keywords your target audience is using to find products or services similar to yours, ensuring that your website matches their search queries.
  3. On-Page Optimisation: We will optimise the content, structure, and technological aspects of your website to boost its relevance and search engine ranking.
  4. Material Creation and Curation: We will create interesting and useful material that will attract visitors, position your business as an industry leader, and drive conversions.
  5. Continuous Monitoring and Performance Analysis: We will regularly monitor your website’s SEO performance, charting progress, making adjustments, and ensuring your strategy remains industry-compliant.

P.S. – At Globemrk, we develop custom SEO strategies to achieve our client’s goal within budget, monitor the result, and adjust where needed.

If you want to learn more about how SEO can help your small business, download our e-book and let’s get started.

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Nicole travels the world!

Ever since Nicole can remember, she has taken an interest in other countries and cultures. While studying International Communications at university, she seized any available opportunity to pursue internships or assignment abroad. When she met her husband, who would (because of the nature of his work) be moving to a different country every three years, this might sound terrifying or unappealing for some people, but it was ideal for Nicole!

Since leaving university, Nicole has lived in Argentina, Indonesia, Abu Dhabi and France, before most recently moving to Aberdeenshire in Scotland.

We invited Nicole to tell us whether living in so many different locations is as much fun as it sounds and how she can run a company when leading a nomadic existence.

Let’s see what Nicole has to say!

Digital Nomad

Nicole began her expat life when she moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina at the age of 26. She was eager to expand her career in international communications while immersing herself in the new culture and language of the people around her. It wasn’t long before she got a job at a company that developed digital communication tools. She recalls, “I had always done designs or created small websites for friends and acquaintances, so I was easily turn my hobby into my work.”

Whilst in Buenos Aires, Nicole decided to start her own online business, Globemrk Digital Studio. This would allow her to work continuously, no matter where in the world she might live next. She hired three permanent freelancing teams for Globemrk and her newly-founded company offered website designs, development and internet marketing to for an attractive price.

“We had a strategic marketing vision right from the start, and so we came up with a plan to improve the overall company offerings. We had started off building simple websites consisting of just a few pages, but now our professional team made it possible to expand our services, including setting up complex e-commerce platforms! My freelancers are based in various countries. Thanks to their involvement, my projects can always move forward uninterrupted, even if I’m busy with yet another move. You could say that mine is the life of a digital nomad!”

Playing polo in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Working and doing business abroad

“Something to keep in mind when moving abroad is not to pin all your hopes on big expectations that are too specific – you will only be met with disappointment. If you start out expecting to find a challenging job, experience idyllic scenery or go on crazy adventures, chances are that it won’t happen. I have seen many people go abroad with dreams like these and then return to the Netherlands within a year.

However, if you keep an open mind and just ‘go with the flow’, embracing everything that you find fun or interesting, you can build a very nice life just about anywhere. I am fortunate enough to have that kind of open attitude naturally, which has allowed me to experience the most amazing things. Above all though, be true to yourself and don’t deviate too far from who you really are. That way you can reap the benefits and get the most out of life no matter where you are!”

Broadening horizons

What’s more, life will never be boring! When you live in another country, you learn so much from it: the people, the culture, the customs, their way of thinking – it can all be incredibly inspiring. Meeting new people – and hearing their stories – is a phenomenal experience.

Living abroad can change your general perspective as well. For instance, the Dutch are often inclined to think and work as efficiently as possible, but is this always the best and most enjoyable way to live your life? This is a question I often think about … and travelling has definitely given me fresh insights.”

Cirque de Gavarnie
Cirque de Gavarnie, France

An open mind and a good dollop of flexibility

Growing up, Nicole was part of an entrepreneurial family who taught her about the opportunities and the challenges of being a business owner.

“My grandfather, parents, sister and brother-in-law are all entrepreneurs! They have provided me with a good entrepreneurial foundation. Taking initiative, being focused and dedicated, and having business acumen and perseverance were just some of the topics frequently discussed at the dinner table. My parents also showed me that it is possible to balance being a business owner and taking care of your family as, despite their busy entrepreneurial life, I had a fantastic childhood.”

“I have always gone through life with an open mind; I am not the sort of person who maps out a detailed route that I will stick to for the next five years. I prefer to be guided by new ideas, experiences, and people I meet along the way. Being flexible allows me to adapt quickly to new environments or challenges. I know that I am happy to continue with my business and I love helping other ambitious entrepreneurs to pursue their goals by using the knowledge I have gained of our industry – if I can build them a great website and make sure their SEO is optimised, they will soon see tangible results, such as increased sales, more visitors becoming customers. And that makes me feel good!”

Patience is a virtue

“In addition to an open mind, you also need resilience and a good helping of perseverance. A lot of preparation is required – for both family and company, whenever we move. Due to the bureaucratic nature of different countries, it can take a lot of effort to get through all the red tape and get some things done. There are generally no ‘international’ solutions for administrative matters, and the logistical hassle associated with moving from country to country can sometimes be frustrating.”

“However, I am convinced that if you believe in your product or service, you can make your dream work anywhere. It is important to maintain a clear goal and not give up. Once you get through the short-lived frustrations of change, you will have extra time to explore your new surroundings and it really does feel like an extended vacation!”

The Covid crisis

“Partly due to the global pandemic (when everyone suddenly wanted to be online), my company has grown rapidly, so I felt it was time for a more professional approach. We rebranded and invested in some top-of-the-range software. The team and I are now actively engaged in developing a clear business and marketing plan.”

“In this very interesting phase of my business, I am greatly inspired and motivated by Donald Miller, the author of Storybrand and owner of a large marketing company. By taking on board the advice of various experts in the field of business growth, I have a clear focus and can manage my company in a structured way.

Since I don’t have a huge amount of time to read books, I find audiobooks and podcasts ideal! I listen to a lot of books while cooking, driving or exercising. That way, I am extra-productive!”


“While I haven’t experienced any major failures (yet), I do have an embarrassing (and funny) story. During an appointment with a potential French client, I wanted to express how excited I was to start the assignment. “Je suis excite!” I declared. He immediately burst out laughing and I went quite red in the face! I had just told him that he got me excited and what I should have said instead was “J’ai hâte”! Perhaps I should have worked a little harder on my command of French!”

“To be honest, though, I like these kinds of experiences. I’ve always believed that you must speak the local language right away when you live there, mistakes and all! It is ultimately the only way to learn a language well. Wherever we live, I now approach anyone, any group, in any language. These kinds of experiences only make you stronger and are an effective way to learn!’

Tips and tricks

“Don’t wait until you know a country (or a language!) completely before pursuing your dreams. Dare to take a leap and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Don’t be afraid of anything. Participate in everything that interests you and don’t miss a single chance. That one chance just might change your whole life for the better.”

As the saying goes, “It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t.”

Why choose for a custom WordPress website

I am often asked what makes some websites better than others, or how they can be improved for a better customer experience.

This blog focuses on just how much of an impact a custom WordPress website has over a run-of-the-mill website that’s based on a widely-available theme (which just about anyone can use). As with anything, the foundation of a website, is a fundamental way to give your website that superior edge.

WordPress is certainly one of the smarter choices a web design agency can use and here at Globemrk Digital Studio, it is the product of choice for our clients.

Recent figures show that a staggering 43.2% of ALL websites on the internet are built using WordPress.1 Over the last decade, WordPress has seen an average year-on-year increase of 12%2, and it powers over 1/3 of the world’s top 1 million sites (based on traffic)3, including such huge household names as Vogue, Nike, Disney, 007 and The New York Times.

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress Theme is an out-of-the-box pre-built design. It comes with pre-defined colours, fonts and layouts, rather like a ‘skin’ that encases your website, only affecting the front-end (the bit that the user sees) and creating visual appeal. There are free themes and premium themes (although even the premium ones are not expensive) and there are millions to choose from. A site built using a theme can be set up without the person needing to know a single line of code – quick and easy! Understandably, this makes them very popular with people who want to build their own website without the help of a web design agency, but it might surprise you to know that there are plenty of (so-called) website designers out there who can also only ‘build’ theme websites. Pah! Not us!

A theme will always ‘box you in’ to a limited and compromised version of your website. Do you really want to settle for a sub-par website with bulky and unnecessary code that’s only going to drag you down with time? Or make your website slow to load? Do you want to sacrifice your vision to fit in with a pre-built set of rules?

A themed site will only allow for very limited personalisation and will have given not so much as a thought for SEO. (A good web design agency should always consider SEO.)

A custom WordPress website is always and undoubtably the clear winner in our books. Have a look at our list of pros and cons:

pros and cons

Advantages of using a WordPress Theme

  • Pre-built
  • Cheap (at least in the upfront cost)
  • Fast setup
  • Huge variety of themes to choose from
  • Coding knowledge not required

Disadvantages of using a WordPress Theme

  • Not built for you but to appeal to the mass market – you will have to compromise and adapt your vision and ideas to fit the theme
  • Can dramatically slow down your site (partly due to …)
  • Lots of unnecessary code you will never use (called ‘bloated code’)
  • Difficult to make changes, even small things like font choices or colour schemes, plus making edits can negatively impact your site’s performance
  • Cannot easily be added to as your business grows and evolves – so at some point usually requires ‘rip and replace’
  • Can fall behind with standard WordPress updates and consequently ‘break’
  • Needs lots and lots of plugins – even just for basic functionality
  • Not easy to incorporate the best SEO
  • Generally, no ongoing support (apart from asking the WP community) … and no relationship with the designer or design agency
  • Likelihood that your competitors may use similar themes (or copy yours?) or that your site will just look like so many others
  • Very limited design options: they may seem great at first, but as soon as you want to do something a bit different, you will simply hit a brick wall

Why choose a custom-built WordPress design?

When you choose for a custom WordPress Website built from scratch, created by a professional web design agency, you get a design that is tailor-made for you and bespoke to your business.

It can be personalised as much as you want, be as quirky or corporate or visually stunning or clean and sleek as you desire.

It will be built with the focus on high performance, and your business will be showcased to its best advantage.

It will be SEO-friendly, flexible and versatile, especially as your business grows.

If you want to make changes, whatever they may be …

  • add e-commerce?
  • redesign the pages?
  • incorporate a whole new rebrand?
  • launch a sister-site?

your custom WordPress website will be able to keep up, keep ahead, NOT BREAK, and keep looking good and functioning smoothly for many years to come.

So, have I convinced you yet?

Perhaps this quote captures the essence quite nicely!

The best preparation for good work tomorrow
is to do good work today.

Elbert Hubbard (American Writer and Philosopher)

Still Not Sure What to Do?

To discuss your website (whether it exists already or is yet to be built), give us a call or schedule a free consultation today!

And meanwhile, take a look at some of the websites we have created already for our happy clients in our portfolio.

Universal Analytics – The End of an Era

You’ve probably already heard the big news – Google Analytics is being retired! More specifically, we’re bidding goodbye to Universal Analytics, also known as GA3 – the most commonly-used version of Google Analytics.

As of 1st July 2023, Universal Analytics (UA) will no longer be processing data and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will take over. Here’s a link to the official announcement made back in March

Premium account users (GA 360) have a bit of additional time until 1st October 2023.

So what?

Well, since the announcement made in March, what have you actually done about it?

The most urgent task at hand is to make the switch as soon as possible. Or better yet, use both versions simultaneously so you can compare the differences, and slowly sink your teeth into GA4.

The main issue is that it will not be possible to move historical data over from UA to GA4. So, although there’s plenty of time before the official retirement date, if you don’t hop on the GA4 bandwagon NOW, you will lose out on a whole year’s worth of historical data to compare against once UA is well and truly gone next year.

Year-on-year data comparisons are an integral part of marketing and sales. A business can be greatly impacted by a lack of performance comparison stats. You don’t want to be left with a ‘gap year’ simply because Google Analytics made an upgrade, do you?

No excuses, no disruption. Get ahead now!

If you would like us to do it for you please schedule a chat to discuss the possibilities and pricing.

Why is this happening?

Recent data protection and privacy laws (including GDPR) are forcing a trend of going cookieless. Gathering user data has become a lot more complicated – prioritising data privacy and maintaining transparency have become the need of the hour.  Third-party cookies will soon become a thing of the past.

UA has relied on tracking users with session-based browser cookies. GA4, on the other hand, uses event-based data tracking, where an event can be the click of a button or any other user action, with no cookie tracking at all.

UA vs GA4 – Main Differences

There are a number of differences that make GA4 a much-improved version of Google Analytics. Here are the main ones.


Universal Analytics

  • Session-based tracking
  • Limited user privacy
  • Limited support for cross-device /cross-platform reports
  • Basic machine learning

Google Analytics 4

  • Event-based tracking
  • Privacy-friendly
  • Fully supports cross-device /cross-platform reports
  • Advanced machine learning

For a comprehensive list of differences, see this article from Google Support.

Next steps

First, check which version of Google Analytics you are using. If you started using Google Analytics after October 14, 2020, you’re probably using GA4 already, in which case you won’t need to do anything further.

If you started using Google Analytics before October 14, 2020, you’re probably using Universal Analytics.

If you’re not sure if you are using Universal Analytics, check the property ID of your account. If it begins with UA followed by a bunch of numbers, you are indeed using Universal Analytics. GA4 property IDs only consist of numbers.

If you are still using Universal Analytics:

  • Create a GA4 account TODAY
  • Set up a GA4 property alongside your existing Universal Analytics property
  • Set up Google Ads and other advanced features
  • Define UA goals as GA4 conversions
  • You may need to set up Google Tag Manager along with GA4 if you plan to track conversions
  • Export historical data from UA (available for up to 6 months after the official stop date)

Still Not Sure What to Do?

If all this feels like a bit of information overload, or you are unsure about how to set it all up, Globemrk Digital Studio is here to do all of that for you!

Schedule a free consultation today!

De kracht en valkuilen van internationale outsourcing

In Europa werden we iets meer dan een jaar geleden geconfronteerd met de eerste tekenen van de pandemie. Sinds dat moment hebben veel kleine tot middelgrote bedrijven te maken gehad met een uitdagende tijd om hun bedrijf te herstructureren. Nog meer dan vóór deze gezondheidscrisis weten deze bedrijven dat het hun eerste prioriteit is om hun producten of diensten online aan te bieden om zo hun inkomsten te redden.

Door gebruik te maken van een sterke online aanwezigheid kunt u een voordeel behalen ten opzichte van andere spelers op de markt. Veel ondernemers profiteren van de tijd waarin we leven door hun bedrijf op te schalen en ervoor te zorgen dat hun bedrijf toekomstbestendig is. Want één ding is zeker, de manier waarop we technologie gebruiken zal alleen nog maar geavanceerder worden.

Maar wat is de meest effectieve manier om uw online aanwezigheid op te bouwen? Als klein tot middelgroot bedrijf heeft u misschien niet de luxe om te investeren in een groot bedrijf voor weboplossingen. Misschien denkt u erover om goedkope freelancers in te huren om u te helpen met diensten zoals webdesign, webontwikkeling of internetmarketing? Aangezien het internet alle geografische barrières heeft weggenomen, stelt het iedereen in staat een wereldwijd personeelsbestand te hebben. Platformen als Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, 99designs hebben heel slim ingesprongen op deze vorm van outsourcing en laten u denken dat het ook in uw voordeel kan werken.

Geleerde lessen

Ik had precies dezelfde gedachte ongeveer 10 jaar geleden, toen ik in Buenos Aires, Argentinië werkte bij een bedrijf dat online diensten ontwikkelde. Ik was altijd al geïnteresseerd in design en innovatieve digitale oplossingen. Meer dan eens kreeg ik het verzoek om andere mensen te helpen bij het bouwen van hun online merk en website. Hierdoor ontstond het idee dat zelf ondernemen een geweldige oplossing zou kunnen zijn die perfect paste in mijn levensstijl van regelmatig intercontinentale verhuizingen. Dus richtte ik een bedrijf op en sprong ik in de wereld van internationale outsourcing via diverse freelance platforms om ontwerpers en ontwikkelaars in te huren voor verschillende projecten.

Maar helaas was mijn ervaring met het vinden van de meest ervaren en betrouwbare freelancers lang niet zo eenvoudig als u zou denken. Vaak was ik teleurgesteld over de kwaliteit van het werk en moest ik het project zelf afmaken, wat resulteerde in frustratie, vertragingen en in enkele gevallen zelfs het verlies van klanten. Ik realiseerde al snel dat ik eerst al mijn energie zou moeten besteden aan het vinden van een vast team van freelancers voordat ik door zou gaan naar het volgende niveau van bedrijfsontwikkeling. Omdat ik een wereldwijde ondernemer ben, is op afstand werken met freelancers namelijk nog altijd de ultieme oplossing voor mijn bedrijf.

Pas sinds een jaar en na veel geleerde lessen kan ik met vertrouwen zeggen dat ik erin geslaagd ben een geweldig team van vaste freelancers samen te stellen elk binnen hun eigen vakgebied. Deze betaalbare getalenteerde webdesigners, webdevelopers, programmeurs en marketingexperts maken het mogelijk om het beste resultaat uit een project te halen. Ze hebben passie voor hun werk en zijn gericht op een ultieme gebruikerservaring. Als strategisch projectmanager sta ik in contact met de opdrachtgever. We brainstormen over de gewenste strategie en maken een plan om de doelen te bereiken. Omdat elk project bij een bepaald archetype past, kunnen we snel beginnen met het verzamelen van de middelen en freelancers om dat specifieke project te laten draaien.

De kunst van het managen

Om alle projecten, uitgaven en klanten in de gaten te kunnen houden, hebben we een systeem ontwikkeld dat het proces van het up-to-date houden van informatie en het toewijzen van werk wordt automatiseert, zodat projecten op schema blijven en iedereen precies weet waar we mee bezig zijn en waar we naar streven.

Als resultaat leveren we onze klanten gestroomlijnde producten en diensten waarmee ze in staat zijn hun bedrijf op te schalen en een professionele marktspeler te worden. Met deze geïntegreerde producten voor een betaalbare prijs hebben onze klanten hun investering in een mum van tijd terugverdiend.

Ze hebben altijd een sterk team van experts om op terug te vallen wanneer ze begeleiding of advies nodig hebben of hun diensten nog verder willen uitbreiden.

Globalisering van arbeid en talent is een realiteit, met Globemrk Digital Studio streef ik ernaar om er optimaal gebruik van te maken!

Hoe bereik je online success?

Elk bedrijf richt zich nu meer op online activiteiten omdat de hele fysieke wereld om ons heen lijkt te veranderen. Maar als je nieuw bent in de digitale wereld, kan het verwarrend zijn om de juiste richting en meest efficiënte activiteiten te kiezen.

Voordat u verder gaat met het kiezen van uw ideale traject, zijn er een paar essentiële elementen met betrekking tot uw bedrijfsstrategie die van tevoren duidelijk moeten zijn om zo snel mogelijk de gewenste resultaten te behalen.

Wij raden u aan de volgende 6 sleutels tot online succes te gebruiken in combinatie met een sterke en efficiënte website om uw bedrijf te laten groeien!


Online heeft u maar een aantal seconden om uw specifieke doelgroep te interesseren met uw boodschap. Het vinden van een manier om uw bedrijf te onderscheiden is van vitaal belang om uw klanten aan te trekken en online succes te behalen.
Kies een niche die uw interesses en passies vertegenwoordigt. Als u verkoopt in een branche waar u niet om geeft, verliest u onderweg uw interesse en zal u te vroeg uitstappen. Onthoud dat succes niet van de ene op de andere dag komt, u moet consequent waarde toevoegen.


Hoe meer u te weten komt over uw concurrenten, hoe beter. Leer hun geografische focus kennen, waar ze hun marketinggeld aan uitgeven, op welke sociale kanalen ze actief zijn en zorg ervoor dat u de zoekwoorden inspecteert die ze gebruiken. Er zijn veel online tools die u hierbij kunnen helpen.

Please Contacteer ons om te weten welke online tools het meest effectief zijn.


Herkent u hoe een goede film u het verhaal insleept zodat u niet kunt stoppen met kijken en wilt zien wat er daarna gebeurt? Het is omdat ze een sterke verhaalformule volgen. En deze formules werken net zo goed om uw bedrijf te laten groeien als om een publiek te entertainen.

Het maakt niet uit of u een klein bedrijf of een multinational bent, elk merk heeft een duidelijke boodschap nodig waar mensen zich mee kunnen identificeren en die zo eenvoudig is te begrijpen door slechts één blik op uw website te werpen.


We weten dat het creëren van content voor je merk niet gemakkelijk is en dat je tijd nodig hebt om het te doen, maar we hebben zoveel geweldige positieve resultaten gezien voor onze klanten! Maak uitstekende inhoud en deel deze via uw blog.
Zoekmachines houden van nieuwe artikelen en het geeft u een speciale plek waar uw potentiële klanten uw expertise kan bekijken. Ga uw gang en stel een Google Alerts-melding in voor uw merk, zodat uw kunt zien wat mensen online over uw merk zeggen. Dit geeft u de kans om commentaar te geven op eventuele negatieve feedback op te lossen.


Het door en door kennen van en geloven in uw producten of diensten is essentieel als u een succesvolle ondernemer wilt zijn. Voordat iemand uw diensten of producten koopt, kopen ze u.

Ken uw product. Geloof er in. Ken uw klant. Wil wat het beste voor hen is.


Veel start-ups denken dat online zakelijk succes van de ene op de andere dag komt, maar ze hebben het mis.

Wees geduldig, consistent en volhardend - deze eigenschappen zullen na verloop van tijd hun vruchten afwerpen. Blijf gefocust op zowel uw korte- als langetermijndoelen. Blijf bij uw bedrijf door zijn triomfen en beproevingen, en bereid u voor op uitdagingen. Houd uw ogen op de prijs gericht; onthoud dat de meeste bedrijven er minstens drie jaar over doen voordat ze winst maken.

How to achieve online success?

Every company is now focusing more on online activities since the whole physical world around us seems to change. But when you are new to the digital world, it can be confusing to choose the right direction and activities.

Before you move forward choosing your pathway, there are a few essential elements you should have clearly in mind for your business.

We hope you use the 6 keys to online success in combination with a strong and efficient website to make your business grow!


Online, you only have a few seconds to interest your specific target audience with your message. Finding a way to differentiate your business is vital to attract your customers and achieve online success.

Pick a niche that represents your interests and passions. If you’re selling in an industry that you don’t care about, you’ll lose interest along the way and quit way too early. Remember that success is not overnight, you need to add value consistently.


The more you find out about your competitors, the better. Get to know their geographical focus, where they spending their marketing money on, on which social channels they are active and make sure you inspect the keywords they are using. There are many online tools that can help you with this.

Please contact us to know which online tools are the most effective.


How does a good movie drag you into the story so that you cannot stop watching and want to see what happens next? It’s because they follow a strong story formula. And these formulas work just as well at growing your business as entertaining an audience.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a multinational, every brand needs a clear message which people can relate to and is so simple to understand by just having a single look at your website.


We know that creating content for you brand is not easy and you need time to do it, but we have seen so many great positive results it had for our clients!
Create excellent content and share it through your blog posts. Search engines love blogs, plus it gives you a dedicated place your audience can check out anytime they want to consume your content. Go ahead and set up a Google Alerts notification for your brand so you can inspect what people are saying online. This gives you the chance to comment on any negative feedback people may have and resolve their issues.


Knowing and believing in your products or services is vital if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Before someone buys your services or products, they are buying you.

Know your product. Believe in it. Know your customer. Want what is best for them.


Many start-ups think that online business success comes overnight, but they are wrong.

Be patient, consistent and persistent – these traits will pay off over time. Stay focused on both your short- and long-term goals. Stick with your business through its triumphs and trials, and prepare to encounter challenges. Keep your eyes on the prize; remember that most businesses take at least three years before they turn a profit.

The power and pitfalls of international outsourcing

In Europe we have been confronted with the first signs of the pandemic slightly over a year ago. Since that moment many small to medium size businesses have been facing a challenging time restructuring their company. Even more than before this health crisis, these businesses know that their first priority is to get their customers buying their products or services online to maintain their business´ revenue.

Leveraging your online presence can give you the advantage over other players in the market. Many entrepreneurs take advantage of the time we are living in by scaling up their businesses and making sure their company is future proof. Because we know one thing for sure, the way we use technology nowadays will only progress.

But what is the most effective way to build your online presence? As a small to medium size company you might not have the luxury to invest your valuable money into a big web solutions company. Perhaps you think about hiring low cost freelancers to help you with services like web design, web development or internet marketing?  Since the internet has broken down geographical barriers, it enables anyone to have a global workforce. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, 99designs have reacted very wisely on this type of outsourcing and make you think it could also work in your advantage.

Lessons learned

I had exactly the same thought about 10 years ago, while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As I was working at a Dutch digital company, I always was interested in design and technical solutions. More than often I got the request to help other people building their online brand and website. This developed the idea that being an entrepreneur could be a great solution which fitted perfectly in my future lifestyle of regularly moving countries. So, I created a company and jumped into the world international outsourcing by using freelance platforms to hire designers and developers for several projects.

But unfortunately, my experience in finding the most experienced and trustworthy freelancers was not as easy as you might think. Many times, I have been disappointed about the quality of the work and had to finish the project myself which resulted into frustration, delays and in a few cases even the loss of clients. I quickly realised that I would have to spend all my energy first into finding a fixed team of freelancers before proceeding to the next level of doing business. Because being a global entrepreneur, working remotely with freelancers was and still is the ultimate solution for my business.

Only since a year and after many lessons learned, I can say with confidence that I managed to compose a great team of fixed freelancers each within their own field of expertise. These affordable talented web designers, web developers, programmers and marketing experts make it possible to get the best results out of a project. They are passionate about their work and are focused on an ultimate user experience. As a strategic project manager, I am the one who is in contact with the client. We brainstorm about their desired strategy and goals and make a plan how to reach these goals. As each project fits a particular archetype, we can start quickly assembling the resources and freelancers to get that specific project running.

How to manage?

To be able to keep track of all projects, expenses and clients, We have developed a system for the team that automates the process of maintaining up-to-date information and assigning work, so projects stay on track and everyone knows which way we are heading.

As a result, our clients will upscale their business and are ready to become a professional and serious market player. They have great integrated product(s) for an affordable price and have their investment returned in no time by efficiently selling their products or services online.

They will always have a strong team of experts to fall back on when they need guidance, advice or want to expend their services even further.

Globalisation of labour and talent is a reality, with Globemrk Digital Studio I strive to make the best use of it!

Happy to have you here!

Please tell us about your company

Why do we need some company information?

By understanding your type of business and its goals, we are able to make your FREE website & marketing review more focused on your needs and therefore more effective.

Happy to have you here!

Please tell us about your company

Why do we need some company information?

By understanding your type of business and its goals, we are able to make your FREE website & marketing review more focused on your needs and therefore more effective.