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Roos Reedijk is an Dutch interior design icon and creative expert. As the one and only stylist of the popular TV program Kopen Zonder Kijken (Buy Without Watching), she enters millions of living rooms. At Globemrk, we had the privilege of working with RR Interior, contributing to Roos Reedijk’s mission of seamlessly connecting the personalities of residents with the character of their homes.

Project Overview:
Our collaboration with RR Interior involved a comprehensive digital transformation to complement Roos Reedijk’s creative process. From concept to execution, we aimed to enhance RR Interior’s online presence to match the expertise, colours and creativity that Roos brings to every project.

User-Centric Design:
Understanding the importance of user experience, we prioritised a design that seamlessly guides visitors through RR Interior’s offerings. The user-centric design ensures accessibility and engagement, aligning with Roos Reedijk’s commitment to making interior styling accessible to all. Given Roos’s prominent presence on ‘Kopen Zonder Kijken,’ we strategically integrated elements on the website that resonate with her television persona. This connection enhances brand consistency and reinforces RR Interior’s identity as a go-to destination for transformative interior styling.

Optimised Website Performance: We optimised RR Interior’s platform for swift loading times. This enhancement contributes to a seamless browsing experience, keeping visitors engaged and satisfied.

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