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The power and pitfalls of international outsourcing

In Europe we have been confronted with the first signs of the pandemic slightly over a year ago. Since that moment many small to medium size businesses have been facing a challenging time restructuring their company. Even more than before this health crisis, these businesses know that their first priority is to get their customers buying their products or services online to maintain their businessĀ“ revenue.

Leveraging your online presence can give you the advantage over other players in the market. Many entrepreneurs take advantage of the time we are living in by scaling up their businesses and making sure their company is future proof. Because we know one thing for sure, the way we use technology nowadays will only progress.

But what is the most effective way to build your online presence? As a small to medium size company you might not have the luxury to invest your valuable money into a big web solutions company. Perhaps you think about hiring low cost freelancers to help you with services like web design, web development or internet marketing?  Since the internet has broken down geographical barriers, it enables anyone to have a global workforce. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, 99designs have reacted very wisely on this type of outsourcing and make you think it could also work in your advantage.

Lessons learned

I had exactly the same thought about 10 years ago, while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As I was working at a Dutch digital company, I always was interested in design and technical solutions. More than often I got the request to help other people building their online brand and website. This developed the idea that being an entrepreneur could be a great solution which fitted perfectly in my future lifestyle of regularly moving countries. So, I created a company and jumped into the world international outsourcing by using freelance platforms to hire designers and developers for several projects.

But unfortunately, my experience in finding the most experienced and trustworthy freelancers was not as easy as you might think. Many times, I have been disappointed about the quality of the work and had to finish the project myself which resulted into frustration, delays and in a few cases even the loss of clients. I quickly realised that I would have to spend all my energy first into finding a fixed team of freelancers before proceeding to the next level of doing business. Because being a global entrepreneur, working remotely with freelancers was and still is the ultimate solution for my business.

Only since a year and after many lessons learned, I can say with confidence that I managed to compose a great team of fixed freelancers each within their own field of expertise. These affordable talented web designers, web developers, programmers and marketing experts make it possible to get the best results out of a project. They are passionate about their work and are focused on an ultimate user experience. As a strategic project manager, I am the one who is in contact with the client. We brainstorm about their desired strategy and goals and make a plan how to reach these goals. As each project fits a particular archetype, we can start quickly assembling the resources and freelancers to get that specific project running.

How to manage?

To be able to keep track of all projects, expenses and clients, We have developed a system for the team that automates the process of maintaining up-to-date information and assigning work, so projects stay on track and everyone knows which way we are heading.

As a result, our clients will upscale their business and are ready to become a professional and serious market player. They have great integrated product(s) for an affordable price and have their investment returned in no time by efficiently selling their products or services online.

They will always have a strong team of experts to fall back on when they need guidance, advice or want to expend their services even further.

Globalisation of labour and talent is a reality, with Globemrk Digital Studio I strive to make the best use of it!

Happy to have you here!

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